Teeth Whitening Treatments

Treatments for a brighter, whiter smile

Easily the most popular cosmetic dental treatment today. 96% of adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing. Teeth whitening is an easy and affordable way to remove the stains that come from the everyday substances we subject our teeth to. Common culprits are coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco, but even healthy 'super-foods' such as blueberries can leave their mark on your smile.

We use the professional White Dental Beauty home whitening tray system to get your teeth back to their natural colour, or even whiter. Proven effective and predictable, the system uses a Novon enhanced formula for maximum whitening effect. It also includes an active sensitivity management formula to protect your teeth.

Carbamide Peroxide gel in a custom fabricated tray is the traditional tried and tested way to lighten the internal pigments of teeth, therefore improving their appearance without altering any tooth structure.

At your appointment, we take impressions of your teeth and provide you with a custom-made tray so that you can use the whitening gel at home. You'll wear the trays for 2-4 hours a day for up to 2 weeks, depending on your individual requirements.

Extra gel can be purchased for maintenance and top ups.

Whitening toothpaste like Opalescence toothpaste are available with high fluoride which aids in reviving the tooth’s natural whiteness.

Airflow Scale & Polish

Treatments such as Airflow use of a silicone coated powder which remove stains effectively and quickly whilst remaining kind to the tooth surface. Often a good scale and polish is ample to keep a natural smile clean and bright, whilst maintaining the integrity of the tooth surface. Treatments as Airflow use of a silicone coated powder which remove stains effectively and quickly whilst remaining kind to the tooth surface. Airflow is ideal to maintain your new smile as well and a visit with our hygienist regularly is recommended to ensure you keep smiling.

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