Mouth Guards

Protect your teeth with a custom-made mouth guard

Mouth guards help protect your teeth during contact sports and if you’re prone to grinding or clenching your teeth at night. At Premium Dental Hygiene we offer a range of custom made mouth guards and gum shields for you to choose from.

Sports Guard

An essential kit when playing certain sports, such as those that involve physical contact or flying objects (balls, pucks, etc.).

We'll make your custom sports guard by taking an impression of your teeth so the guard fits your mouth exactly. Taking into account the way your jaws bite together, we make sure the sports guard meets properly with your teeth when you bite down.

The disadvantage of off-the-shelf sports guards is that they can fit badly and be uncomfortable to wear, even those that are mouldable in hot water. Loose guards can fall out and pose a choking hazard. In addition, the material of over the counter sports guards is often at its thinnest just where it's needed most.

Night Guard

This is a protective mouth guard recommended if you grind or clench your teeth. This mouth guard prevents contact between upper and lower teeth, reducing tooth wear and fracture.

Grinding Guard

This splint is called a Michigan Splint. After impressions from your teeth are taken, the models are mounted in an articulator ( a device which reproduce the movements of your jaw) and the splint is tailor made for your specific bite. This splint will help to reduce the activity of clenching or grinding, bringing more comfort during your sleep and stop possible damage to your muscles, teeth and articulation.


Single arch ( 1 retainer ) £160

Premium Dental Hygiene Services offers advice on teeth protection and the type of gum shields or mouth guards you need. So take the stress and confusion out of protecting your dental health and invest in quality teeth grinding guards and gum shields.

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