Periodontal Treatments

Treating periodontitis, gingivitis and gum disease

Gum disease is often painless and may go undetected. Periodontitis and gum health issues may also be genetic and inherited through your genes.

There is an old saying that is so true: ‘If you ignore your teeth, they will go away’.

Periodontal Assessment

Full mouth assessment to establish severity of disease. Measurements are taken at six points around each tooth. This will give an indication as to the level of bone that has been lost and provide base level scores to refer back to. Emphasis at this appointment will be on the part you play in helping to treat the disease.

It is very important that the bacterial load in your mouth is reduced. The plaque in your mouth contains bacteria which cause gum disease.

In the earlier stages of gum disease, the treatment involves scaling and root surface debridement, which is removing plaque and calculus in the pockets around the tooth and smoothing the root surfaces. In most cases of early gum disease, scaling and root debridement combined with proper daily cleaning are all that are required to bring gums back to health. A tailored oral health regime and advice on the right products for your mouth will be given to get you started in preparation for the treatment stage.

More advanced cases may require surgical treatment to remove calculus from deep pockets around the teeth, shrink the pockets, smooth the root surfaces and re-arrange gum tissue to make it easier to clean.

Periodontal Treatments

Appointments will be either a series of 2 or 4, as required, and scheduled as close together as possible, ideally within 2 weeks.

Each appointment will last 60 to 90 minutes and will depend on the number of teeth to be treated and whether local anaesthetic is required. It is important to have the bacteria and tartar removed from under the gum so that the healing process can begin. This is not something you can do yourself, which is why it needs to be done professionally.

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